I’m ba-ack!

So, would you like to know how technologically inept I am?

Last weekend, my computer had an Internet connection, but I couldn’t get anything to come up on my computer screen. As is the way of all non-savvy computer nerds, I quickly deduced that the best way to get everything going again on my screen was to purge everything I could think of. By mistake, that included the user ID and password of my WordPress account.

When I tried to get back into my WordPress account, WordPress asked me for my user ID and password. I had forgotten my password long ago (I only use a few thousand of them), and the user ID was an email account that I had deleted long ago after it got hacked. WordPress informed me that, unless I could send them an email message from my user ID’s account, they would not be able to send me a new password, and therefore, I would be locked out of my own account.

And so it went. My access to four-and-a-half years of blogging and several hundred blog subscribers were suddenly locked behind bars. (I imagined hearing a loud “cha-ching!” from the TV series “Law & Order.”)

So I’ve decided to try and make lemonade out of my WordPress lemons. I am resuming my blogging career on this “sequel” blog.

Of course, I still have a “history” of previous blogging that I’d like to reference on occasion. So be forewarned that now, I will often hyperlink to my previous blog. For example, if I’m writing about Charlie Chaplin, and I want to reference a Chaplin movie review from my old blog, I will link to it like this. So please note that, obviously, if you go to that hyperlink, you will have to press the “Back” button on your computer keyboard in order to return to this “sequel” blog.

If, by chance, you know anyone who followed my previous blog but is not aware of my current situation, please let them know so that I can restore some of my old readership. And of course, please feel free to return to and reference my previous blog, whose URL is listed on the masthead of this blog.

Thank you for bearing with me through a quite troublesome situation. I would like to add a final note about the fragility of the Internet “cloud.”

Two days after my blog-blocking debacle, Slate.com posted a news story stating that the photo-sharing platform Flickr had abruptly changed their unlimited-storage format to that of only 1,000 photos per customer. A lot of Flickr users who had been using that format to save every photo they ever took got taken by surprise.

You can read Slate.com’s article for yourself here. But I must quote the article’s final sentence, at once insightful and cautionary:

“Whether they’re on your computer, on a hard drive, or printed on paper, your photographs — and your memories — are only still yours if you save them in a place where you’ll always have the keys.”

Heed the warning, folks.


4 thoughts on “I’m ba-ack!

  1. I have a secret to remembering my password. Don’t ever use the automatic fill. Since I have to type it every time I HAVE to remember it. Sorry you lost access to the other one. But on the bright side, it didn’t disappear from Etherworld completely.

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