We have received some terrific blogathon entries about movies related to joblessness. So let us reflect upon them as we present

Click on each blog’s name to read their individual entry.

A Shroud of Thoughts emphasizes the importance that a single bicycle can have to an impoverished post-war family in the neo-realist drama Bicycle Thieves.

Pure Entertainment Preservation Society advises us on proper clothing style for getting a job, as demonstrated by Margaret Sullavan (at right) in The Shop Around the Corner.

Wild circumstances change Michael Douglas from an Everyman into a full-blown vigilante in Falling Down, as chronicled by The Midnite Drive-In.

The Stop Button looks at the ever-deteriorating lives of layoff victims in the Spanish drama Mondays in the Sun.

As Caftan Woman is happy to report, Joan Blondell and her Gold Diggers of 1933 aren’t about to let a little thing like unemployment get in the way of pursuing their dreams.

And finally, your faithful correspondent takes a look at Central Park as a haven for the happily unemployed, as presented in the offbeat Depression-era musical Hallelujah I’m a Bum.

We still have two days to go in our job-free blogathon, so keep us bookmarked, and see what the movie market will bear!


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