My 10 Films That Make Me Glad I’m Alive List

Hey, I’m 58 and unemployed. I need some affirmation in my life. Therefore, out with the “10 Best Films” list. Here are 10 films that make me glad I’m alive.

Cinema Paradiso

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Stop Making Sense

Way Out West

A Hard Day’s Night

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Yellow Submarine

The Godfather II

The Palm Beach Story

Blazing Saddles

What are some movies that give you the will to live?


10 thoughts on “My 10 Films That Make Me Glad I’m Alive List

  1. I can see why those movies are on your list.

    My list, on the basis of what comes to mind first. No second-guessing.

    The Thin Man
    The Thing from Another World
    True Grit, 1969
    The Ladykillers, 1955
    The Happiest Days of Your Life
    Perfect Day
    Follow the Fleet
    The Quiet Man
    The Jungle Book, 1967

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  2. These Ten always put a smile on my face:

    01. Mark of Zorro
    02. Palm Beach Story
    03. Singing in the Rain
    04. Shop Around the Corner
    05. Winne the Pooh & the Blustery day
    06. Pillow talk
    07. Hard Days Night
    08. Some Like It Hot
    09. Safety Last
    10. Princess and the Pirate

    But there’s a million more, well maybe 40-50 more.

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