Announcing our Beatles album review marathon!

If you have a Beatles aficionado in your life, you know that person uses any excuse to celebrate any anniversary in The Beatles’ career. In this case, I have decided to pay tribute to the 56th anniversary (Feb. 9, 1964) of The Beatles’ world-shaking debut appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” Thanks to Capitol Records’ vigorous promotional campaign, America was already well aware of this British pop group and their energetic music. Their appearance on the Sullivan show ensured that The Beatles were here to stay.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, each day leading up to the anniversary, I will review an individual Beatles album, song by song. When I say “album,” I am sticking strictly to the 13 albums that The Beatles recorded in studio in Britain as a group from 1962 to 1970, along with the two-CD collection Past Masters, which represents their songs that were initially released only as singles. I will give a short summary or history of each album (Lord knows you can find them all well-documented elsewhere on the Internet), followed by reviews of each individual song on the album.

So follow along for the next two weeks and see if you agree with my opinions on The Fab Four’s music. And if you don’t, feel free to leave your two cents’ worth in the “Comments” section at the end of each blog entry. First up tomorrow: The Beatles’ debut album, Please Please Me.


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