The “Love Goes On” Blogathon – Day 1 Recap

If our blogathon is any indication, the spirit of love will never die! Click on the name of each blog participant to read their individual entries.

Dead WWII soldier Spencer Tracy, in spite of himself, helps fellow soldier Van Johnson find love with his old girlfriend Irene Dunne in A Guy Named Joe, a favorite of Silver Screenings.

Reelweegiemidget Reviews looks at Misunderstood, about an American ex-pat’s (Gene Hackman) misbegotten decision to tell only one of his two sons about their mother’s death.

A dead man (Alan Rickman) returns to his girlfriend (Juliet Stevenson), but not for the reasons she thinks, in Maddie Loves Her Classic Films‘ thoughtful take on Truly, Madly, Deeply.

How do you convince your late wife (Cybill Shepherd) that you are actually her dead husband? Robert Downey Jr. gives it a go in one of Caftan Woman‘s favorite romantic comedies, Chances Are.

And in what is surely this blogathon’s most bizarre entry, an 11-year-old boy works to convince a widow (Nicole Kidman) that he is the reincarnation of her late husband, in Birth. Let me tell you how that goes.

There are many more blogathon entries to come, so keep us bookmarked for critiques of some unusual romantic movies!


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