The “Love Goes On” Blogathon – Day 2

Our tribute to movies about love after death continues apace! Click here if you missed Day 1’s entries, and click on each of the blogs’ names below for more terrific critiques.

The Midnite Drive-in details how Lily Tomlin gets under Steve Martin’s skin in more ways than one, in the outrageous physical comedy All of Me.

Warren Beatty is a reincarnated football player, and Julie Christie helps him get back in the game in Heaven Can Wait, as reported by Dubsism.

Love isn’t just for the living, as Taking Up Room demonstrates with Tim Burton’s darkly animated Corpse Bride.

Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy remain together even after Cronyn’s death in the thoughtful TV-movie Foxfire, the choice of fare for Diary of a Movie Maniac.

And finally, check out 18 Cinema Lane‘s unique love letter to Brandon Lee’s The Crow.

We have one more day of great blogathon entries to go, so don’t go anywhere!


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