My 60th-birthday request

On April 27, I will turn 60 years old. I still haven’t figured out how someone kidnapped my teenage body and stuck it into the body of a middle-aged man, but there you have it.

For this solemn occasion, I’d like to promote my cause, and that cause is…me. I am not asking for monetary donations, just a great deal of sympathy. As I’ve mentioned several times on this blog, my wife of 30 years died last year on March 9. (I prefer using the term “died.” She didn’t “pass on” or else I’d be able to find her on my GPS, and I didn’t “lose her” because that would imply she could be found somewhere.) Every time I think I’ve gotten over this sad event, something stupid happens and I spend most of the day crying for no reason.

I’m coping better than I thought I would, but it’s been a real up-and-down year for me and my two grown children. So I’m not asking for a birthday card or anything tangible — just good old-fashioned good wishes. Thank you.

(Of course, if you really do want to send me money, there’s always PayPal.)


4 thoughts on “My 60th-birthday request

  1. Happy Birthday. And I am also sorry that your wife died and you’re having to deal with all the grief and unhappiness that comes with such an event. I hope that you take care of yourself anyway that you can.

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  2. Happy B-Day Steve!

    Hope you have a wonderful day.

    I might have a great present for u…. but U’ll have to look at ur twitter messages to see what it might be 🙂

    Thinking of u on this special day, my friend!

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