At last, it’s time for our tribute to the movie director who never existed! The bloggers at An Alan Smithee Blogathon take a look at some of the movies credited to Mr. Smithee (not a real person) when a movie’s actual director decided he or she didn’t want his or her name on it.

Below, click on each individual film title to read the blogger’s entry about it.

Movierob‘s double feature takes a look at two vastly different kinds of existential crises — Western (Richard Widmark in Death of a Gunfighter) and sci-fi (Solar Crisis).

The Midnite Drive-In assures us that we’ll have a bloody good time watching Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh.

Nothing like being a woman (Jodie Foster) whose hit man falls in love with her…especially when he’s Dennis Hopper, the “Alan Smithee” of a movie known variously as Catchfire and Backtrack. Realweegiemidget Reviews gives us the lowdown.

Finally, your faithful correspondent chronicles Eric Idle playing a put-upon movie director who is actually named…well, you know, in An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn.

And believe it or not, that’s it for this blogathon! My thanks to the talented bloggers who took the time to share their opinions with us. Be sure to read their ‘thon entries as well as other great writing at their blogs.

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Sorry to keep flip-flopping on this issue! Yesterday, I posted at this blog that I would be postponing An Alan Smithee Blogathon for a week, due to Hurricane Dorian. But since posting that message, nearly all of the blogathon’s entrants have written to assure me that their posts either are up now or will be posted this weekend. So let’s have at it! I will list the currently-posted entries later today, so keep us bookmarked.

AN ALAN SMITHEE BLOGATHON postponed for one week

If you want to make God laugh, try to plan a blogathon.

It looks as though one of those pesky hurricanes is rearing its head in Florida’s direction again. In the face of power outages and bloggers preferring to board up their houses instead of writing, I am postponing An Alan Smithee Blogathon until Fri., Sept. 6.

If you hadn’t heard about the blogathon and would like to participate, click here to get all of the details. Also, click on the banner below to find out more about (and enter) our upcoming The Unemployment Blogathon. Stay safe, everyone — I’ll get back with next week!