If blogging about your favorite moment from “The Honeymooners” makes you want to dance with joy, you still have time to trip the light fantastic with The Honeymooners Blogathon! There are still 11 days left before our ‘thon participants trip down that memory lane known as 328 Chauncey Street.

Now, we hate to sound like Bernie Sanders filling up your junk email box with requests for campaign contributions. But as of this writing, we have received only four entrants for our blogathon. A TV series with a following of more than 60 years certainly deserves a heartier tribute than that! Contact friends and acquaintances who adore the show, and ask them to express their feelings to as Ralph once tried to sell Alice on the virtues of wallpaper that glows in the dark!

The blogathon begins on Oct. 25, and the absolute deadline to enter your blog is Oct. 27. Click here for blogathon instructions and how to enter, and have fun with your entry!


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