The “Love Goes On” Blogathon has arrived!

In honor of my wife, who died in March, I am hosting this blogathon. Stick with us for the next three days, as bloggers contributed their thoughts on movies related to the theme of earthly love extending to the great beyond.

(Some of you might find it peculiar than I am honoring my late wife with something as trivial as a blogathon. My feeling about it is: When you’re trying to cope with something like this, if your coping methods aren’t illegal or immoral, go for them. This blogathon and some of America’s finest pharmaceuticals are what have been keeping me going lately.)

If you are one of the ‘thon entrants, please go to the “Comments” section below, and post the name of your blog and the URL of your entry; we’ll link to you as soon as possible. If you are just here to read, keep us bookmarked; all entries will be linked back to their original blogs, and also we will do a ‘thon recap at the end of each day. Enjoy!

Here is the list of blogathon entries:

Movie Movie Blog Blog II – Birth (2004)

Taking Up Room – Corpse Bride (2005)

Maddie Loves Her Classic Films – Truly Madly Deeply (1990)

Moon in Gemini – Wuthering Heights (1939)

Caftan Woman – Chances Are (1989)

Outspoken and Freckled – Ghost Town (2008)

Realweegiemidget Reviews – Misunderstood (1984)

Movierob – Blithe Spirit (1945), Always (1989), and Just Like Heaven (2005)

The Flapper Dame – Rent (2005)

Tales from the Freakboy Zone – Hairspray (2007)

Dubsism – Heaven Can Wait (1978)

18 Cinema Lane – The Crow (1994)

The Midnite Drive-In – All of Me (1984)

Critica Retro – Orphee (1950)

Silver Screenings – A Guy Named Joe (1943)

Diary of a Movie Maniac – Foxfire (1987) and To Dance with the White Dog (1993)

Musings of an Introvert – Chances Are (1989) and Only You (1994)

Pure Entertainment Preservation Society – The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947)


11 thoughts on “The “Love Goes On” Blogathon has arrived!

  1. You Called your blogathon Love Goes On. It does. I read your comments from March 25 about your wife of 30 years Kathy’s passing. When you love, trust, have fun and joy and be best friends with someone love goes on forever.
    Honoring your wife Kathy this way is beautiful. You are sharing your love. Kathy was lucky to have you as you were to have Kathy. Take care and best wishes Ros from Down Under.

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